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Figure 3

From: A polymethoxyflavone from Laggera pterodonta induces apoptosis in imatinib-resistant K562R cells via activation of the intrinsic apoptosis pathway

Figure 3

The inhibitory effects of DHTMF, IM and the combination of IM followed by DHTMF in K562R cells for 24, 48, and 72 h. A: 1 μmol/L IM; B: 2.5 μg/mL DHTMF; C: 5 μg/mL DHTMF; D: 10 μg/mL DHTMF; E: 1 μmol/L IM +2.5 μg/mL DHTMF; F: 1 μmol/L IM +5 μg/mL DHTMF; G: 1 μmol/L IM +10 μg/mL DHTMF. **, P < 0.01 vs. 1 μmol/L IM at the same time, ##, P < 0.01 vs. the same concentration as DHTMF alone at the same time.

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