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Figure 1

From: Estrogen mediated expression of nucleophosmin 1 in human endometrial carcinoma clinical stages through estrogen receptor-α signaling

Figure 1

Immunolocalization of NPM1 in normal endometrium, FIGO stages I to IV endometrial carcinoma tissues. HE, Morphology of normal endometrium (A) and different stages endometrioid cancer tissues (B, C, D, E) stained by haematoxylin-eosin. NPM1, NPM1 staining was immunodetected in the glandular cells of all samples. The immunoreactivity of NPM1 was gradually increased from normal endometrium (F), FIGO stages I to IV endometrial carcinoma (G, H, I, J). NE: normal endometrium; I: FIGO stage I endometrial carcinoma; II: FIGO stage II endometrial carcinoma; III: FIGO stage III endometrial carcinoma; IV: FIGO stage IV endometrial carcinoma; UG: uterine gland; GEp: glandular epithelium; Scale bars = 50 μm.

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