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Table 1 Monoclonal antibodies and nanocarriers against human colon cancer stem cells

From: Understanding the colon cancer stem cells and perspectives on treatment

Target Compound Class Status Reference
anti-EpCAM/anti-CD3 MT110 (solitomab) BITE; human recombinant single chain bispecific bifunctional mAb construct Preclinical, in vitro, xenograft mice Phase I clinical study, advanced solid tumors [82]
anti-EpCAM/anti-CD3/Fcγ Catumaxomab (Removab™, TRION Pharma, Germany) Triomab; recombinant chimeric two half antibody, each with one light and one heavy chain from mouse IgG2a and rat IgG2b isotypes. Bispecific, trifunctional mAb construct Phase I–III clinical studies [85]
anti-IGF-IR AVE1642 Humanized recombinant IgG1 mAb, derived from mouse anti-IGF-IR IgG1mAb EM164 Preclinical, xenograft mice [78]
Figitumumab (CP-751,871) Humanized IgG2 mAb Preclinical, in vitro, xenograft mice [81]
anti-DLL4 OMP-21 M18 (Demcizumab) Humanized IgG2 mAb Preclinical, xenograft mice Phase I clinical studies, combination with drugs [79,83]
anti-Frizzled (1, 2, 5, 7, 8) OMP-18R5 (vanticumab) Humanized recombinant IgG2 mAb Preclinical, xenograft mice [80,86]
Drug efflux protein multidrug resistance 1 (MDR1) Lipid nanocarriers PEI-lipid nano complex with an MDR1-targeting siRNA (siMDR1) Human colon CSC (CD133+ enriched cell population) [84]
Cancer stem-like cells (CSLCs) that are resistant to conventional chemotherapy and the bulk cancer cells CSO-SA/OXA micelles Micelle formulation of oxaliplatin (OXA) encapsulated in chitosan vesicle In vitro (HT29 and SW620 line cellular [CD133+/CD24+]) [87]