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Fig. 6

From: Solamargine triggers cellular necrosis selectively in different types of human melanoma cancer cells through extrinsic lysosomal mitochondrial death pathway

Fig. 6

Western blot densitometry and relative intensity of protein bands calculated using image J software. Treatment with Solamargine (10 µM) for 2 h resulted in a significant increase in TNFR1 expression in both WM115 and WM239 cells the when compared with control (DMSO) treated cells (p = 0.045 and p = 0.012 respectively). Cytochrome c was upregulated significantly after the treatment in both WM115 and WM239 (p = 0.048 and p = 0.0329 respectively). Cathepsin B had the same pattern as the former proteins and was upregulated upon Solamargine treatment (p = 0.023 and p = 0.041 respectively. BCL2 protein was also upregulated significantly upon the treatment in both WM115 and WM239 (p = 0.0001 and p = 0.0017 respectively). Unlike the former proteins Bcl-xL was upregulated significantly in the benign WM35 cells and the primary cells VGP WM115 cells (p = 0.043 and p = 0.021 respectively). hILP/XIAP was down regulated significantly with the treatment in both malignant cell lines WM115 and WM239 (p = 0.033 and p = 0.048 respectively), N = 3

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