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Fig. 2

From: The chimeric multi-domain proteins mediating specific DNA transfer for hepatocellular carcinoma treatment

Fig. 2

MTT assay for the suppression rate of various treatment to HepG-2 cells after 12 h (a), 24 h (b) and 36 h (c). From the 36 h of incubation, the suppression rates were significantly higher in HepG-2 cells transfected with TG/pUAS-Apoptin, TNG/pUAS-Apoptin and lipidosome/pUAS-Apoptin than that of HepG-2 cells transfected with G/pUAS-Apoptin and NG/pUAS-Apoptin (P < 0.05). Asterisk indicates significant difference compared with G/pUAS-Apoptin, NG/pUAS-Apoptin, G, NG, TG and TNG treated cells at P = 0.05 level. Hash indicates significant difference between the liposome/pUAS-Apoptin with TG/pUAS-Apoptin and TNG/pUAS-Apoptin

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