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Table 3 The top 6 upregulated and top 3 downregulated genes

From: Comprehensive analysis of the long noncoding RNA HOXA11-AS gene interaction regulatory network in NSCLC cells

Genbank accession Gene symbol Fold change P
Upregulated genes
 NM_032784 RSPO3 41.610487 8.05E−09
 NM_007037 ADAMTS8 21.38143 8.074E−06
 NM_007029 STMN2 20.713397 3.617E−05
 NM_007329 DMBT1 12.747211 7.941E−07
 NM_205841 SPINK6 10.662449 8.553E−08
 NM_178234 TUSC3 10.584962 1.619E−05
Downregulated genes
 NR_033969 LOC100128054 4.6652225 4.455E−05
 NM_203447 DOCK8 4.4005987 7.142E−06
 NM_001007176 C8orf22 4.0156588 0.000753