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Table 4 Validation of the hub genes in TCGA database

From: Aberrantly methylated-differentially expressed genes and pathways in colorectal cancer

Category Hub gene Methylation status P value Expression status P value
Hypomethylation and high expression
  CAD Hypomethylation 5.55E−16 Up-regulated 3.88E−18
  CCND1 Hypomethylation 0.032 Up-regulated 7.26E−17
  ATM Up-regulated 0.006
  RB1 Hypomethylation 5.27E−03 Up-regulated 1.17E−11
  DNM2 Hypomethylation 1.36E−13 Up-regulated 5.23E−08
Hypermethylation and low expression
  EGFR Hypermethylation 4.65E−14 Down-regulated 7.20E−21
  ACTA1 Hypermethylation 1.64E−14
  SST Hypermethylation 9.67E−14 Down-regulated 2.22E−31
  ESR1 Hypermethylation 1.18E−14 Down-regulated 9.62E−20
  DNM2 Hypermethylation 5.43E−06