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Fig. 4

From: PA-MSHA induces apoptosis and suppresses metastasis by tumor associated macrophages in bladder cancer cells

Fig. 4

Effect of PA-MSHA on migration,invasion and apoptosis of BBN1617 and MB49 cells. a After scratching, BBN1617 and MB49 cells were incubated with PA-MSHA or RPMI 1640 for 48 h. Images were acquired at 0 and 48 h under the microscope. The red lines define the areas lacking migratory cells. A representative picture is shown here. b Comparison of invasion abilities. Light images of the Transwell invasion assay revealed that the number of invading UMUC-3 cells was significantly increased compared with 5637 cells and decreased compared with EJ cells. c Apoptosis of BBN1617 and MB49 cells were detected by flow cytometry. *Versus control group

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