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Fig. 4

From: MicroRNA 200c-3p regulates autophagy via upregulation of endoplasmic reticulum stress in PC-3 cells

Fig. 4

miR-200c-3p enhanced the formation of autophagosomes in PC-3 cells. a Endogenous expression of LC3-II in miR-200c-3p-transfected PC-3 cells. Following transfection of miR-200c-3p or control mimics, the cells were fixed and immunostained with LC3-II antibody. b Puncta formation of green fluorescent protein (GFP)-fused LC3-II plasmids in miR-200c-3p-transfected PC-3 cells. A GFP-fused LC3-II plasmid and miR-200c-3p mimic were cotransfected into PC-3 cells. At 48 h post-transfection, GFP-fused LC3-II expression was visualized by live cell microscopy. Data are presented as the mean ± SEM of triplicate samples. Scale bar = 20 μm

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