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Fig. 3

From: Imiquimod inhibits growth and induces differentiation of myeloid leukemia cell lines

Fig. 3

Imiquimod induces apoptosis in various types of leukemic cell lines. a HL-60 cells with or without (control culture) treatment (Imiquimod at 10 µg/ml for 72 h) were stained with PI and Annexin-V-FITC and analyzed by flow cytometry. The indicated percentage refers to total analyzed cells. Early apoptotic cells were positive for annexin-V staining, and late apoptotic cells were positive for both annexin-V and PI staining. Results shown are from one representative of two independent assays. b Fold increase (relative to control untreated cultures of each cell line) of early and late apoptotic cells in leukemic cell lines treated and analyzed following the same schedule as indicated in (a) for HL-60 cells. Values higher than 1 (horizontal bar) indicate increased apoptosis in Imiquimod treated cells. Data represent mean ± SD from two experiments. *P < 0.05, and **P < 0.01 with respect to control untreated cells

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