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Fig. 5

From: Imiquimod inhibits growth and induces differentiation of myeloid leukemia cell lines

Fig. 5

Imiquimod upregulates expression of myeloid mature markers in some leukemic cell lines. The indicated cell lines, with or without Imiquimod treatment (at 10 µg/ml for 72 h) were labeled with the EuroFlow™ antibody panel for AML (HLADR, CD45, CD16, CD35, CD13, CD64, CD34, CD117, CD11b, CD33, CD10 and CD14) and analyzed by flow cytometry. Viable cells were gated based on FS and SS values and subsequently analyzed for the fluorescence mean intensity of each specific monoclonal antibody. Only upregulated markers are shown. Results shown are representative of two independent experiments. Control cell cultures (shaded area), and Imiquimod treated cells (broken lines)

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