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Fig. 4

From: LSD1 inhibition attenuates androgen receptor V7 splice variant activation in castration resistant prostate cancer models

Fig. 4

AR-V7 splice variant activation is attenuated by LSD1 depletion. a Luciferase androgen response element (ARE) reporter assays in HEK293 cells with (KO) or without (C) stable depletion of LSD1 (by CRISPR) followed by transient co-transfection with an ARE luciferase reporter construct and either AR-WT, AR-V7 or AR Q640X expression vectors as indicated. In the cells transfected with AR-WT, dihydrotestosterone (1 nM) was added for 18 h. Samples were normalized against LSD1 WT DMSO treated samples for the respective AR-WT of AR variant form transfected. Data are mean ± SD (n = 3). P values were derived using a two-way ANOVA for comparison followed by Tukey’s multiple comparison post hoc tests. (Controls without transfection of either the AR or an AR variant produced no ARE luciferase signal in these experiments). b Western blot of HEK293 cell LSD1 expression with (KO) or without (WT) stable depletion of LSD1. ****P < 0.0001

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