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Fig. 1

From: The prognostic potential of coilin in association with p27 expression in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia for disease relapse

Fig. 1

Subcellular localization and expression of coilin in leukemia cells following DNR treatments. Immunofluorescence of coilin in Reh (a) and RS4;11 (b) cells treated with different doses of DNR for 24 h. The nuclei were post-stained in blue with 4′,6-diamino-2-phenylindole (DAPI). c Immunofluorescence of coilin in Reh cells treated with arabinocytidine (AraC, 30 μg/ml), Vincristine (VCR, 1.5 μg/ml) or adriamycin (ADR, 2.0 μg/ml). d Coilin expression at the mRNA in Reh cells treated with DNR (0.03 μg/ml) for 24 h. Compared with the non-treated control, a significant increase (*p = 0.002, n = 3) was observed from the RT-qPCR measures. e Coilin expression at protein levels in Reh cells treated with DNR (0.03 μg/ml) for 24 h. Quantification from the Western blot of coilin (*p = 0.025) and γH2AX (*p = 0.003) also indicated increased levels normalized to GAPDH (n = 3)

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