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Fig. 3

From: The prognostic potential of coilin in association with p27 expression in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia for disease relapse

Fig. 3

Effects of coilin knockdown in leukemia cells following DNR (0.03 μg/ml) treatments. a Flow cytometry analyses for apoptosis in Reh cells infected with a lenti-virus expressing a scrambled control or a shRNA targeting coilin. b Quantification on apoptosis (*p = 0.019, n = 3) from cells subjected to the same treatments as in a. c The cell survival measures in sh-Coilin infected Reh cells without or with DNR treatments (*p = 0.002, #p = 0.014, n = 3). d Western blot of p27 and γH2AX from leukemia cells treated with DNR (0.03 μg/ml). Quantification (n = 3) of coilin, p27 and γH2AX proteins relative to GAPDH levels. The expression of coilin and p27 were decreased (*p = 0.009, p = 0.044); whereas γH2AX was increased (*p = 0.001)

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