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Fig. 6

From: Targeting cellular metabolism using rapamycin and/or doxycycline enhances anti-tumour effects in human glioma cells

Fig. 6

Certain interesting three-drug combination results in human glioma cells. Alamar Blue test results after 72-h different three-drug combinations in vitro treatments. The results of the most effective combinations, the significant effects of three drug combinations versus mono-treatments (p < 0.05) were indicated with framed columns, SD was added. Applied drug concentrations: rapamycin—Rapa 50 ng/mL, temozolomide—TMZ 100 µM, doxycycline—Doxy 10 µM; etomoxir—Etom 50 µM; chloroquine—Chl 50 µM in different combinations were the following: rapamycin + temozolomide + doxycycline—Rapa + TMZ + Doxy; rapamycin + doxycycline + chloroquine—Rapa + Doxy + Chl; rapamycin + doxycycline + etomoxir—Rapa + Doxy + Etom; temozolomide + doxycycline + chloroquine—TMZ + Doxy + Chl)

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