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Table 1 Characteristics and quality evaluation of the included studies

From: Relationship between the upregulation of Notch1 signaling and the clinical characteristics of patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma in East Asia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study (year) Case (n) Country Antibody for Notch1 NOS score
H. Fu (2016) [20] 68 China Cell Signaling Technology, USA 7.5
H.S. Park (2012) [22] 174 South Korea Abcam, UK 8.5
J. Zhang (2014) [23] 70 China Epitomics, USA 6
Q. Long (2012) [24] 40 China Santa Cruz, USA 6.5
M. Jing-You (2017) [25] 69 China Boosen Biotechnology, CHN 7
  1. Antibody for Notch1: Manufacturer of Notch1 primary antibody
  2. NOS score Newcastle–Ottawa scale score