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Table 2 Basic characteristics of the eight differently expressed circRNAs

From: Identification of circRNA–miRNA–mRNA regulatory network in gastric cancer by analysis of microarray data

circRNA ID Position Genomic length Strand Best transcript Gene symbol Regulation
hsa_circ_0000788 chr17:55372279–55372525 246  +  NM_170721 MSI2 Up
hsa_circ_0002019 chr11:126142863–126143349 486  +  NR_037648 FOXRED1 Up
hsa_circ_0076092 chr6:35195356–35201078 5722  +  NM_152753 SCUBE3 Up
hsa_circ_0005699 chr16:19627435–19663412 35,977  +  NM_020314 C16orf62 Down
hsa_circ_0005777 chr5:73136304–73136585 281  +  NM_001080479 RGNEF Down
hsa_circ_0007991 chr1:21329205–21415706 86,501 NM_001198801 EIF4G3 Down
hsa_circ_0067934 chr3:170013698–170015181 1483  +  NM_002740 PRKCI Down
hsa_circ_0006896 chr8:95549330–95550574 1244 - NM_015496 KIAA1429 Down