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Table 1 Clinical trials studies on resveratrol and cancer

From: Resveratrol is a promising agent for colorectal cancer prevention and treatment: focus on molecular mechanisms

Cancer Dose of resveratrol Duration of study Number of patient Outcome Refs
CRC 5 g/day 14 days 6 Increase the cleaved caspase-3 in malignant hepatic tissue. [88]
0.5 or 1 g/day 8 days 20 Decrease expression of Ki-67 [31]
20 or 80 mg/day 2 weeks 8 Inhibit the Wnt pathway [100]
PC 150 mg or 1000 mg/day 4 months 66 Decrease the serum levels of androgens with no alterations in prostate tumor growth [95]
4000 mg/day 14 Safe [94]
MM 5 g/day 21 days 24 Unacceptable safety profile and minimal efficacy in patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma highlighting the risks of novel drug development in such populations [97]
BC 5 or 50 mg twice a day 3 months 39 Reduce the methylation of RASSF- [101]
  1. CRC colorectal cancer, PC prostate cancer, MM multiple myeloma, BC breast cancer