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Fig. 1

From: Expression of ANGPTL2 and its impact on papillary thyroid cancer

Fig. 1

ANGPTL2 is highly expressed in thyroid cancer compared to adjacent normal thyroid tissue. a Representative images of ANGPTL2 immunohistochemical staining of thyroid cancer and its adjacent tissue. Scalebars: 200 μm and 50 μm. H&E, hematoxylin and eosin. b ANGPTL2 protein levels of 36 human thyroid cancers and adjacent tissues analyzed by immunohistochemistry, p < 0.0001. c ANGPTL2 expression in thyroid cancer (N = 501) and normal thyroid tissue (N = 58), p < 0.0001. Data were obtained from the TCGA dataset. d ANGPTL2 expression level was upregulated in thyroid cancer tissue comparing to correspond adjacent normal tissue from the TCGA dataset

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