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Table 1 The roles played by S1P agonists and antagonists

From: Roles of sphingosine-1-phosphate signaling in cancer

S1P modulatorsTargetsCancer modelsFunctions
S1P agonists
 Fingolimod (FTY720)S1PR1, S1PR3, S1PR4, S1PR5Lewis lung carcinoma [56], colon cancer [57], hepatocellular carcinoma [58], prostate cancer [59], multiple myeloma [60]Suppressing angiogenesis [56], suppressing tumor growth and metastasis [57, 59], suppressing aggressiveness [60], inducing apoptosis [58]
 AUY954S1PR1Unknow yet
 KRP-203S1PR1Unknow yet
 SEW2817S1PR1Unknow yet
 SiponimodS1PR1Unknow yet
 PonesimodS1PR1Unknow yet
S1P antagonists
 TY52156S1PR3Unknow yetPromoting tumor aggressiveness [67]
 JTE-013S1PR2, S1PR3, S1PR4Unknow yet
 CYM-5478S1PR2Oral squamous cell carcinoma [67]