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Fig. 3

From: MicroRNA-1269 promotes cell proliferation via the AKT signaling pathway by targeting RASSF9 in human gastric cancer

Fig. 3

miR-1269 directly targets the RASSF9 gene. a Bioinformatics analysis predicted interactions between miR-1269 and its binding sites in the 3′-UTR of RASSF9. b Luciferase activity was measured by the dual-luciferase assay. c RASSF9 mRNA expression in human GC tissues. d RASSF9 protein levels were examined by Western blotting (n = 10). e miR-1269 and RASSF9 levels were negatively correlated. The 2−∆∆Ct values of miR-1269 and negatively were subjected to a Spearman correlation analysis (n = 73, r = − 0.7222, p < 0.0001). Wilcoxon test, *p < 0.01

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