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Fig. 6

From: Expression profile analysis identifies IER3 to predict overall survival and promote lymph node metastasis in tongue cancer

Fig. 6

Knockdown of IER3 inhibits the expression of VEGF-C in tongue cancer cells. a, b The mRNA expression of VEGF-C (a) and VEGF-D (b) in Tca-8113 cells after IER3 knockdown. c Immunoblot analysis of VEGF-C and IER3 in Tca-8113 cells with IER3 knockdown. d ELISA analysis of VEGF-C in Tca-8113 cells with IER3 knockdown. Data are presented as the mean ± SD (n = 3), *** indicates si-IER3-1 and si-IER3-2 versus control, P < 0.001

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