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Table 3 Sensitivity of the TK1 antibodies

From: Novel monoclonal antibodies against thymidine kinase 1 and their potential use for the immunotargeting of lung, breast and colon cancer cells

CloneIDIsotypeHostMeanSD±Inter CVIntra CV
LOD pg/mlLOD%%
4G101-1IgG2a, κMs146.4033.9616.45.72
*10E81-2IgG1, κMs44.674.339.6911.40
*7H21-7IgG1, κMs19.790.552.789.71
7D11-9IgG1, κMs94.0312.8613.688.41
*1B122-1IgG2a, κMs38.764.8412.54.57
3G72-6IgG2a, κMs125.9621.016.671.09
10H22-15IgG2a, κMs56.5015.9620.38.2
*8G22-17IgG2b, λMs72.874.831.628.38
*9C102-19IgG2a, κMs11.010.676.14.0
*3B43-5IgG2b, κMs66.903.55.330.45
6A113-6IgG1, κMsNANANANA
8F123-10IgG1, κMs101.001615.842.5
5F7G114-2IgG2a, λRat1376.58153.4211.140.71
*2E85-1IgG2b, λMs33.100.501.521.5
9A95-10IgG2b, κMs12,006.28244.362.041.76
*3B2E116-1IgG2a, λRat10.731.8517.326.58
1D3G46-2IgG2a, λRatNANANANA
  1. The LOD values are expressed as mean values from two independent immunoassays. Precision and uncertainty are reflected in the coefficient of variance between assays. The most sensitive antibodies are marked with stars