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Table 1 Characteristics of the included studies

From: Long noncoding RNAs as potential biomarkers in retinoblastoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First authorYearLncRNAExpressionSample sizeCut-off valuePTSurvivalSurvival analysisHR availabilityNOS score
Xue-Zhi Wu2019PVT1Upregulated78 retinoblastoma tissue specimens
30 normal retina samples
Fengqin Hao2018AFAP1-AS1Upregulated58 retinoblastoma tissue specimens 10 non-cancerous retina tissue specimensMedianNoOSU, MKaplan–Meier8
Ge Yang2018HOTAIRUpregulated350 eyes were collected from 276 patientsNANoOSU, MKaplan–Meier5
Shizheng Su2015BANCRUpregulated60 retinoblastoma samples
4 normal retina samples
MedianNAOSU, MKaplan–Meier7
Li Li2016H19Upregulated80 retinoblastoma tissue samplesNANoOSU, MNA5
Jingxian Wang2018DANCRUpregulated57 cases of RB patients and matched health controlsNANAOS, DFSUKaplan–Meier8
Guigang Yan2019LINC00202Upregulated50 cases of RB tissues and paired normal tissuesFold changeNAOS, DFSUKaplan–Meier8
L.-L. Bi2018MT1JPDownregulated44 retinoblastoma tissues and matched non-tumor tissuesMedianNoOSMKaplan–Meier8
Weiwei Shang
2018BDNF-ASDownregulated131 patients with RB
35 normal retinal specimens
MedianNAOSU, MKaplan–Meier8
  1. U: univariate analysis; M: multivariate analysis; PT: preoperative treatment; K–M curve: Kaplan–Meier curve; NA: not available