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Table 5 Energy metabolism-related pathways in the Reactome Database

From: Co-expression network analysis identifies a gene signature as a predictive biomarker for energy metabolism in osteosarcoma

Metabolic pathways from ReactomePathwayIDGene count
Biological oxidationsR-HSA-211859216
Metabolism of carbohydratesR-HSA-71387290
Mitochondrial fatty acid beta-oxidationR-HSA-7728937
Glycogen synthesisR-HSA-332207716
Glycogen metabolismR-HSA-898249127
Glucose metabolismR-HSA-7032690
Glycogen breakdown (glycogenolysis)R-HSA-7022115
Pyruvate metabolismR-HSA-7026831
Pyruvate metabolism and Citric Acid (TCA) cycleR-HSA-7140655
Citric acid cycle (TCA cycle)R-HSA-7140322