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Table 2 The C-index of our model, TNM staging and Treatment for prediction of OS in the training cohort and validation cohort

From: A multi-parametric prognostic model based on clinical features and serological markers predicts overall survival in non-small cell lung cancer patients with chronic hepatitis B viral infection

Factors C-index (95% CI) P
For training cohort   
 Our model 0.769 (0.721–0.817)  
 TNM staging 0.710 (0.661–0.758)  
 Treatment 0.694 (0.643–0.746)  
 Our model + TNM staging 0.784 (0.739–0.830)  
 Our model vs. TNM staging   0.079
 Our model vs. treatment   0.017
 Our model vs. our model + TNM staging   0.218
For validation cohort   
 Our model 0.676 (0.556–0.796)  
 TNM staging 0.654 (0.552–0.755)  
 Treatment 0.647 (0.517–0.777)  
 Our model + TNM staging 0.712 (0.614–0.809)  
 Our model vs. TNM staging   0.761
 Our model vs. treatment   0.754
 Our model vs. our model + TNM staging   0.205
  1. C-index concordance index, CI confidence interval
  2. P values are calculated based on normal approximation using function rcorrp.cens in Hmisc package