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Table 4 Establishment of a prognostic index (riskscore, RS) based on METTL14 expression and clinical characteristics by multivariate cox regression analysis for predicting ccRCC patients’ overall survival

From: Decreased expression of METTL14 predicts poor prognosis and construction of a prognostic signature for clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Id Coef HR HR.95L HR.95H p value
Age 0.036132 1.036792 1.021773 1.052033 1.22E−06
Grade 0.310219 1.363723 1.091211 1.704291 0.006384
Stage 0.509547 1.664537 1.450941 1.909576 3.54E−13
METTL14 -0.20258 0.816622 0.699427 0.953454 0.010377
  1. HR hazard ratio, estimated from Cox proportional hazard regression model, CI confidence interval of the estimated HR