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Table 2 CAR-T cell therapy under clinical trials for CRC

From: Monoclonal antibodies and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells in the treatment of colorectal cancer

Target Phase Sponsor NCT number
CEA eI* Ruijin Hospital NCT04513431
EGFR I/II Shenzhen Second People's Hospital NCT03152435
EGFR/IL12 I Shenzhen Second People's Hospital NCT03542799
αPD1/MSLN eI Shanghai Cell Therapy Group Co.,Ltd NCT04503980
NKG2D I Celyad Oncology SA NCT03692429
MUC1 I/II PersonGen BioTherapeutics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd NCT02617134
CEA I/II Shanghai GeneChem Co., Ltd NCT02959151
NKG2D I Celyad Oncology SA NCT03370198
NKG2D I Celyad Oncology SA NCT03310008
NKG2DL I The Affiliated Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital of Nanjing University Medical School NCT04550663
CEA I/II Chongqing Precision Biotech Co., Ltd NCT04348643
CEA I Southwest Hospital, China NCT02349724
HER-2 I/II Zhi Yang NCT02713984
CEA I Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc NCT03682744
C-met I/II Shenzhen BinDeBio Ltd NCT03638206
HER-2 I Baylor College of Medicine NCT03740256
NKG2DL I CytoMed Therapeutics Pte Ltd NCT04107142
CD133 I/II Chinese PLA General Hospital NCT02541370
  1. * Early phase I