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Fig. 2

From: SLC7A7 is a prognostic biomarker correlated with immune infiltrates in non-small cell lung cancer

Fig. 2

modified from the KEGG map. The red boxes indicated up-regulated genes and green boxes indicated down-regulated genes identified by KEGG mapping

GO functional classification and KEGG pathway mapping of SLC7A7 and relevant genes. a The STRING database was used to analyze the top 100 relevant genes and Cytoscape was used to display the protein–protein interaction (PPI) network. b The distributions were summarized in three main categories: biological process, molecular function (MF), and cellular component (CC). The x-axis indicates different GO terms and the y-axis indicates the enrichment score in each category. c Scatter plot of enriched KEGG pathways statistics. The color and size of the dots represent the range of the p-value and the number of genes mapped to the indicated pathways, respectively. Top 10 enriched pathways are shown in the figure. d The map of “Protein digestion and absorption” was

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