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Table 2 The germline variants in CDC27 associated to cancer susceptibility

From: The importance of CDC27 in cancer: molecular pathology and clinical aspects

Variant Coordinates (hg19) dbSNP rs number cDNA/Protein (NM_001114091) Exon/intron position Neoplasm CGI classification References
17-45267537-T-C rs11570443 c.-999A>G 2 KB Upstream Breast cancer NA [51]
17-45203468-C-T rs12601027 c.2179−2142G>A Intron 16 Breast cancer Not protein-affecting [51]
17-45257617-T-C rs764792 c.103+1311A>G Intron 2 Breast cancer Not protein-affecting [52]
  1. NA not available, VUS Variant of Uncertain Significance