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Table 1 Multiple OVs for the treatment of head and neck cancers in clinical trials

From: A review on the advances and challenges of immunotherapy for head and neck cancer

Virus family Oncolytic agent Phase Administration route Combination with ID
Measles virus MV-NIS I IT No NCT01846091
HSV-1 HF10 I IT No NCT01017185
Adenovirus CAdVEC I IT CAR-T cell NCT03740256
Coxsackievirus 21 CAVATAK I IT No NCT00832559
Reovirus Reolysin II IV Paclitaxel/Carboplatin NCT00753038
Reovirus Reolysin III IV Paclitaxel/Carboplatin NCT01166542
HSV-1 ONCR-177 I IT Pembrolizumab NCT04348916
Vaccinia virus GL-ONC1 I IV Radiotherapy/Cisplatin NCT01584284
VSV VSV-IFNβ-NIS I/II IV Pembrolizumab NCT03647163
Adenovirus VCN-01 I IV Durvalumab NCT03799744
Adenovirus OBP-301 II IT Pembrolizumab/SBRT NCT04685499
Vaccinia virus JX-594 I IT No NCT00625456
  1. IT: intratumoral; HSV-1: herpes simplex virus-1; IV: intravenous; VSV: vesicular stomatitis virus; SBRT: Stereotactic body radiation therapy