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Table 1 List of genistein modulated miRNA and their targets in different cancers

From: Genistein as a regulator of signaling pathways and microRNAs in different types of cancers

Cancers miRNAs Expression Targets Refs.
Breast cancer miR-155 Down-regulated FOXO3, PTEN, casein kinase, p27 [51]
miR-23b Up-regulated PAK2 [52, 53]
Prostate cancer miR-151 Down-regulated CASZ1, IL1RAPL1, SOX17, N4BP1 and ARHGDIA [54]
miR-34a Up-regulated HOTAIR [55]
miR-574-3p Up-regulated RAC1, EGFR, EP300 [56]
miR-1296 Down-regulated minichromosome maintenance gene family [57]
miR-200 miR-141 Up-regulated DNMT3A and TET1/TET3 [58]
miR-1260b Up-regulated sFRP1 and Smad4 [59]
Colorectal cancer miR-95 Down-regulated Akt, SGK1 [60]
Pancreatic cancer miR-223 Down-regulated Fbw7 [61]
miR-34a Up-regulated Notch-1 [62]
miR-27a Down-regulated Sprouty2  
Uveal melanoma miR-27a Down-regulated ZBTB10 [63]
Ovarian cancer miR-27a Down-regulated Sprouty2 [64]
Lung cancer miR-27a Up-regulated MET [65]
miR-873-5p Down-regulated FOXM1 [66]