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Table 2 The MERAV data

From: Plastin-3 is a diagnostic and prognostic marker for pancreatic adenocarcinoma and distinguishes from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Tissue Source Platform Number Sample ID
Pancreas GSE16515 GPL570 15 GSM414928, GSM414930, GSM414934, GSM414938, GSM414940, GSM414942, GSM414947, GSM414953, GSM414955, GSM414957, GSM414963, GSM414966, GSM414970, GSM414972, GSM414975
GSE7307 GPL570 1 GSM175950
Lymph nodes GSE7307 GPL570 4 GSM176431, GSM176432, GSM176432, GSM176434
DLBCL GSE2109 GPL570 4 GSM53026, GSM102466, GSM152566, GSM179927