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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of T-cell lymphoma patients with a TNFAIP3 mutation

From: TNFAIP3 mutation may be associated with favorable overall survival for patients with T-cell lymphoma

Sample ID Histological subtype Age, y Gender Country Mutation sites TNFAIP3
OS time (months) Clinical outcome
COSMIC dataset
 Patient 1 PTCL-NOS < 60 Female USA CDS g.305 A>G Not relapse
 Patient 2 PTCL-NOS ≥ 60 Female USA CDS g.1939 A>C Not relapse
 Patient 3 PTCL-NOS USA CDS g.1939 A>C Not relapse
 Patient 4 CTCL ≥ 60 Male USA CDS g.1307G>A, g.796dup, and g.732 C>A Alive
 Patient 5 AITL Female USA CDS g.811 C>T Alive
 Patient 6 CTCL 67 Male USA CDS g.-15-1829_-15-1814del
 Patient 7 ATLL 56 Male Japan CDS g.318dup
 Patient 8 CTCL Female USA CDS g.380T>G
 Patient 9 ATLL Japan CDS g.1616_1617insT
 Patient 10 ATLL Japan CDS g.1439_1440dup
 Patient 11 ATLL 79 Female Japan CDS g.1667dup
 Patient 12 ATLL Japan CDS g.1166 C>T
GSE15842 dataset
 Patient 13 PTCL-NOS Germany Intron rs582757
 Patient 14 PTCL-NOS Germany Intron rs582757
JNU dataset
 Patient 15 T-LBL 69 Female China Promoter g.3918 C>T 98.9 Death
 Patient 16 CTCL 36 Male China Promoter g.3918 C>T and g.3637 T>A 58.8 Death
 Patient 17 T-LBL 19 Male China 3’UTR g.3869 C>G 94.3 Alive
 Patient 18 T-LGLL 27 Male China Intron g.13751 A>C 97.1 Alive
 Patient 19 T-LGLL 40 Female China Intron g.13751 A>C 118.5 Alive
 Patient 20 T-LGLL 50 Female China Intron g.13751 A>C, g.14244 C>T, and g.11822T>C 102.4 Alive
  1. AITL angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma, ATLL adult T-cell lymphoma-leukemia, CDS coding sequence, CTCL cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, JNU Jinan University, OS overall survival, PTCL-NOS peripheral T-cell lymphoma, not otherwise specified, T-LBL T-lymphoblastic lymphoma, T-LGLL T-cell large granular lymphocytic leukemia, UTR untranslated region