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Table 1 Expression of DANCR in cell lines

From: A review on the role of DANCR in the carcinogenesis

Tumor type Interactions Cell line Function References
Acute myeloid leukemia miR-874-3P/ATG16L1 axis HL60, U937, and KG1a DANCR is involved in Ara‐C resistance and promotes autophagy in HL60 cells via regulating ATG16L1 [33]
Bladder cancer miR-335/VEGF-C axis SW780, 5637, T24, UM-UC-3, SV-HUC-1, and T24 ∆ DANCR: ↓proliferation, migration, invasion and lymphatic metastases [7]
IL-11-STAT3 signaling and CCND1 UM-UC-3, T24 and 293T DANCR was found to promote bladder cancer progression [8]
miR-149/MSI2 axis 5637, SW780, UM-UC-3, T24 and SV-HUC-1 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion and EMT process [9]
Breast cancer PI3K/AKT signaling BT549, MCF7, T47D, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-453, and MDA-MB-468 and MCF10A ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and tumor growth
DANCR is involved in enhancing PI3K/AKT signaling by binding with RXRA and increasing its serine 49/78 phosphorylation
miR-4319/VAPB axis MCF-10A, MCF-7 and HCC38 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion, and ↑ apoptosis [28]
EZH2, SOCS3 MCF10A, MCF7, T47D, MDA‐MB‐231, and MDA‐MB‐468 ∆ DANCR: ↓ viability, migration and invasion
DANCR epigenetically inhibits SOCS3 expression
miR-758-3p-PAX6 axis HCC1937, 1590, ZR-75-30, MDA-MB-468 and MCF-10A ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and ↑ apoptosis [34]
miR-216a-5p MCF-7, MDA-MB-231 and MCF-10A ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, and invasion [35]
miR-874-3p/SOX2 axis MCF10A, ZR751, MCF7, SKBR3, BT474, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-468 cells ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation
TUFT1 induces the expression of DANCR
EZH2, CD44 and ABCG2 Hs578Bst, MCF-7, T47D, MDA-MB-468 and MDA-MB-231 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and invasion and ↑ binding of EZH2 on the promoters of CD44 and ABCG2, so reduction of expression of these genes [37]
PRC2, Wnt/EMT signaling HMECs, MCF7, ZR-75–1, MDA-MB-231, Hs578T, and BT549 RGD-PEG-ECO/siDANCR nanoparticles: ↓ proliferation, invasion and migration [38]
Cervical cancer miR-335-5p/ROCK1 axis aski, SW756, SiHa, C33A, HeLa, ME‐180, and End1/E6E7 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, and invasion [39]
FRAT1, FRAT2 and Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway HCerEpiC, HeLa, SiHa, C-33A, and ME-180 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation
FRAT1 and FRAT2 are up-regulated by DANCR and the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway is activated by DANCR
miR-145-3p/ZEB1 axis and KLF5 HeLa, SiHa, and H8 KLF5-induced up-regulation of DANCR up-regulates ZEB1 via sponging miR-145-3p to promote the progression of cervical cancer [41]
miR-665/TGFBR1 axis and ERK/SMAD pathway Endl/E6E7 and H8 ↑↑ miR-665 (a target of DANCR): ↓ proliferation, migration, and invasion
miR-665 reduces TGFBR1 levels and inactivates ERK/SMAD pathway
miR-345-5p/Twist1 axis HuH28, HuCCT1, SG231, and H69 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion, EMT and angiogenesis and ↑ apoptosis [43]
Cholangiocarcinoma EZH2 and FBP1 HuCCT1 and RBE ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration
DANCR could modulate the histone methylation of promoter of FBP1by binding with EZH2
miR-125b-5p/HK2 axis HT-29, SW620, HCT116, SW480, DLD-1, and CRL-1790 ∆ DANCR: ↓ glycolysis rate and ↑ cisplatin sensitivity [21]
Colorectal cancer miR-518a-3p/MDM2 axis, Smad2/3 and p53 HT29, HCT116, SW116, Caco-2, and FHC ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, viability, metastasis [22]
SW620, SW480, HCT116, HT29, HCT15, Caco-2, and HCoEpiC ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, colony formation, and ↑ apoptosis [45]
MALAT1 and QK HCT116, RKO, SW620, HT-29, and LoVo DANCR inhibits Doxorubicin-induced apoptosis via enhancing the RNA stability of MALAT1 and interacting with QK [23]
miR-185-5p/HMGA2 axis NCM460 and the CRC cell lines LoVo, SW620, SW480, and HT29 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion and cell cycle progression, and ↑ apoptosis [46]
KAT6A LOVO, SW480, HCT116, SW620, and HT29 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, cell cycle progression, and tumorigenesis
DANCR was found to bind with lysine acetyltransferase 6A to mediate KAT6A acetyltransferase activity
miR-145-5p/NRAS axis DANCR showed an indirect effect on NRAS expression levels via targeting miR-145-5p [48]
miR-577/HSP27 axis HT29, HCT116, SW480, and LOVO and NCM460 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and metastasis [49]
miR-214 KLE, RL95-2, ishikawa, AN3CA, and HEC-1B ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and ↑ apoptosis [50]
Endometrial carcinoma ZNF750, and miR-4707-3p/FOXC2 axis SHEE, KYSE140, KYSE150, KYSE180, KYSE410, KYSE510, KYSE450, Colo680N, and ECA109 Down-regulation of ZNF750 induces DANCR expression, thus inhibits miR-4707-3p to interact with FOXC2, resulting in enhanced FOXC2 signaling and angiogenesis [51]
Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma miR-33a-5p/ZEB1 axis EC9706, EC109, EC1, KYSE150, and Het-1A ↑↑ miR-33a-5p (a target of DANCR): ↓ proliferation and metastasis [52]
ECA109 and TE-1 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion, and ↑ apoptosis [53]
Gastric cancer MDR1 and MRP1 SGC7901 and BGC823 ∆ DANCR: ↓ survival and increased apoptosis [30]
miR-194/AKT2 axis and SGC7901, MGC-803, NCI-N87, and GES-1 ∆ DANCR: ↓ viability, ↑ autophagy, and apoptosis
KLF5 is involved in activating the transcription of DANCR
SALL4 and β-catenin pathway GES-1, BGC-823, MGC-803, HGC-27 and MKN-45 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion and EMT process, ↑ cell cycle arrest and apoptosis
DANCR activated by SALL4 plays its oncogenic roles via the activation of β-catenin pathway
SGC7901, MGC803, and MKN-45 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, and ↑ cell cycle arrest [54]
Glioma miR-135a-5p/BMI1 axis LN229, U251 and NHAs ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration and invasion [55]
miR-33a-5p HEB, U87, U251, LN22 9 and T98G ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, and EMT process, and ↑ apoptosis [56]
Wnt/β-catenin signaling U87, U251, SGC7901 and BGC823 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, and EMT process [57]
miR-33a-5p, miR-33b-5p, miR-1-3p, miR-206, and miR-613/AXL axis and PI3K/Akt/NF-κB signaling pathway U87MG, U251MG, LN18 and U138MG ↑↑ DANCR: ↓ sensitivity of glioma cells to cisplatin
∆ DANCR: ↑ sensitivity of glioma cells to cisplatin
DANCR up-regulates AXL to actives PI3K/Akt/NF-κB signaling pathway
miR-634/RAB1A axis U251, U118, LN229, U87MG, and NHA ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and ↑ G0/G1 phase arrest [59]
miR-216a/LGR5, PI3K/AKT SHG-44, U87MG, U118MG, and U251MG ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion, angiogenesis, and ↑ phase arrest and apoptosis [60]
IGF2BP2, FOXO1, PID1 U251MG, LN229, LN18, T98G, and HEK293T IGF2BP2 increases DANCR stability and decreases DANCR methylation. DANCR indices ubiquitination of FOXO1 via interacting with FOXO1. PID1 promoted by FOXO1 enhances the chemotherapy sensitivity of GBM cells [61]
miR-125b-5p/MAPK pathway axis HepG2 and Huh-7 cells ∆ DANCR: ↓ migration, invasion [15]
Hepatocellular carcinoma miR-216a-5p/KLF12 axis Huh7, HepG2 and LO2 cells ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion and ↑ apoptosis [16]
miR-222-3p/ ATG7 axis Bel7407, Hep3B, HepG2, Huh7, MHCC97H and LO2 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and autophagy [17]
PSMD10-IL-6/STAT3 signaling axis HEK-293T, Huh7 and Hep3B DANCR promotes sorafenib resistance via PSMD10-IL-6/STAT3 signaling axis [18]
CTNNB1 HCC cells DANCR is involved in stemness features of hepatocellular carcinoma by derepression of CTNNB1 [19]
miR-27a-3p/ROCK1/LIMK1/COFILIN1 pathway axis MHCC‐97H, Huh7, HCC‐LM3, HepG2, MHCC‐97L, Hep3B, SMMC‐7721 and LO2 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, and metastasis [20]
β-catenin pathway SMMC-7721 and HCCLM3 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and metastasis [62]
miR-216a BEAS-2B, NCI-H1299, A549, and NCI-H1975 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and colony formation [10]
Lung cancer miR-1225-3p/ ErbB2 axis 16HBE, A549, SPCA1, H1299 and H1975 ∆ DANCR: ↓ Migration and Invasion [11]
miR-214-5p/CIZ1 axis 16HBE, A549, SPCA1, H1299, and H358 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and ↑ apoptosis [13]
miR-496/mTOR axis A549, H1299, H358, (HEK) 293T cells and HBE ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion and ↑ apoptosis [12]
HMGA2 16HBE, SPCA1, A549, H1299 and H1975 ∆ DANCR: ↓ invasion
↑↑ DANCR: ↑ invasion via increasing HMGA2
miR-216a and Wnt/β-catenin pathway A549, H1975, H1755, H1944, H2087, H358, H661 and H1299 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, stemness, migration, invasion [14]
p21 A549, H1299, H358 and BEAS-2B ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion EMT process, ↑ apoptosis and cell cycle arrest
DANCR inhibits p21 expression
miR-138/Sox4 axis NHBE, HEK-293T, A549, H1299, H460, SK-MES-1, and Calu-3 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion EMT process, and ↑ apoptosis [65]
miR-758-3p SPC-A, NCL-H1650, NCL-H1975, SK-MES-1, A549, NCL-H358, NCI-H1299 and 16HBE ∆ DANCR: ↓ viability, proliferation and ↑ cell cycle arrest [66]
HT-29 and FHC ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion EMT process, and metastasis [67]
miR-135b-5p/KLF9 axis MM cells ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, and invasion [68]
Multiple myeloma IL-6/JAK1/STAT3 signaling NP460, CNE1, CNE2, HNE1, HNE2, HONE1, 5–8 F, and 6-10B ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and invasion
IL-6 is involved in DANCR expression upregulation via an STAT3-dependent manner
DANCR interacts with STAT3 and enhances JAK1 binding to STAT3
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma RBM3 and SOX2 C666-1, SUNE-1, HNE-1, CNE1, CNE2, and NP69 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, colony formation
DANCR functions as an oncogene via binding to RBM3 to stabilize SOX2 mRNA
PTEN, AKT 5-8F, SUNE-1, C666-1, and NP69 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, colony formation, and migration, and ↑ apoptosis
DANCR is involved in expression of PTEN
EZH2 and PTEN SUNE-1 and 5-8F ∆ DANCR: ↓ cell growth and migration
DANCR mediates the binding of EZH2 on PTEN promoter to down-regulate PTEN expression
HIF-1α, NF90/NF45 complex SUNE-1, HONE-1, CNE-1, CNE-2, HNE-1, 5-8F, 6-10B and C666-1, and S18 and S26 ∆ DANCR: ↓ migration and invasion
DANCR increases stability of HIF-1α mRNAs
miR-338-3p/B4GALT3 axis neuroblastoma cells ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and ↑ apoptosis [74]
Neuroblastoma miR-216a-5p/Bcl-2/KLF12 axis SCC9, SCC15, SCC25, CAL-27 and Tca8113, and NHOKs ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion, and ↑ apoptosis [75]
Oral squamous cell carcinoma miR-335-5p/miR-1972/ROCK1 axis MG-63, U2OS, MNNG/HOS, 143B and hFOB 1.19 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion and metastasis [3]
Osteosarcoma miR-33a-5p/AXL axis, PI3K-Akt signaling pathway MG63, U2OS, SaOS2, HOS, and 143B
FOB, and fibroblast NIH3T3 and 293T
∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion [2]
miR-149/MSI2 axis hFOB1.19 and Saos-2 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion [4]
miR-216a-5p/SOX5 axis MG-63, U2OS, 143B and hFOB 1.19 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion and autophagy and ↑ apoptosis [5]
METTL3 Saos-2, SJSA-1, MG63, HOS, and U-2 OS, and hFOB 1.19 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion
METTL3 was found to regulate DANCR expression by m6A modification-mediated DANCR mRNA stability
SP1 CAOV3, SKOV3, A2780 ∆ DANCR: ↓ viability, migration and invasion
SP1 could induce DANCR expression by binding to the promoter region of DANCR in ovarian cancer tissues and cells
Ovarian cancer miR-214/TGF-ß axis A2780 and SKOV3 ∆ DANCR: ↓ viability, migration and invasion, and ↑ apoptosis [77]
miR-145/VEGF axis A2780, PA‐1, SKOV3, HO8910, and HOEC ∆ DANCR: ↓ tube formation, angiogenesis, and invasion [78]
UPF1 IOSE-386, SKOV-3, OVCAR3, HO8910, and HEY ↑↑ DANCR: ↑ proliferation, migration via negatively regulating UPF1 level [79]
miR-33b/MMP16 axis AsPC‐1, PANC‐1, CFPAC‐1, SW1990, BxPC‐3 and HPDE6‐C7 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, and invasion and EMT process [24]
Pancreatic cancer miR-214-5p/E2F2 axis PANC-1, SW1990, CAPAN-1, BxPC-3, AsPC-1 and HPDE6-C7 ∆ DANCR: ↓ growth and metastasis [25]
miR-33a-5p/AXL axis Panc1, Panc28, AsPC1, MiaPaCa2 and BxPC3 and HPDE ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, and colony formation [80]
miR-135a /NLRP3 axis BxPC-3, MIA-PaCa-2, CFPAC-1, PANC-1, SW1990 and HPDE6-C7 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation and invasion [26]
miR-135a RWPE-1, PC3, C4-2 and DU145 ∆ DANCR: ↑ Paclitaxel Sensitivity [81]
Prostate cancer miR-185-5p/LASP1 axis and FAK/PI3K/AKT/GSK3β/Snail pathway C4-2, PC3, DU145, LNCaP, 22RV1, and RWPE-1 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion, G1-S transition and EMT process [82]
miR-214-5p/TGF-β axis DU145, 22Rv1, RC-92a, PC-3M and RWPE-1 ↑↑ DANCR: ↑ proliferation and migration, and ↓ apoptosis [83]
miR-34a-5p/JAG1 axis DU145 and PC3 ∆ DANCR: ↑ sensitivity to docetaxel [84]
TIMP2/3, EZH2 CWR22Rv1, PC-3, and C4-2B ∆ DANCR: ↓ migration and invasion
↑↑ DANCR: ↑ invasion and metastasis
786-O and ACHN ↑↑ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration and invasion, and ↑ apoptosis [86]
Renal cell carcinoma miR-34c and miR-613/ MMP-9 axis Weri-Rb1, Y79, SO-RB50, HXO-RB44, ARPE-19, and hTERT-RPE1 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, migration, invasion, and EMT process [87]
Retinoblastoma miR-135a-5p/KLF8 axis and MMP-2/9 SCC9, TSCCA, TCa-8113, CAL-27 cells, and SCC9 ∆ DANCR: ↓ proliferation, viability, migration and invasion [88]
Tongue squamous cell carcinoma     
  1. ∆: knock-down or deletion, EMT: epithelial–mesenchymal transition, TNBC: Triple negative breast cancer, GBM: glioblastoma