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Figure 5

From: MiR-124 suppresses cell motility and adhesion by targeting talin 1 in prostate cancer cells

Figure 5

MiR-124 affects the downstream signaling pathway mediated by talin 1. DU-145 cells transfected with miR-124 mimics were subjected to immunoprecipitation using an anti-integrin β3 antibody. Talin 1, FAK, and Src binding was detected by their corresponding antibodies. (A) The results showed decreases in the binding of talin 1, Src, and FAK to integrin β3 after transfection of miR-124 mimics. (B) Levels of total and phosphorylated AKT (Ser473), FAK (Y397), and MAPK were down-regulated through suppression of the related signaling pathway by miR-124. (C) Levels of MMP2, MMP9, and E-cadherin proteins were decreased by transfection of miR-124 mimics.

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