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Table 2 Serum vitamin B2 and B12 levels in three groups ((Median (25th–75th))

From: MTHFR C677T genetic polymorphism in combination with serum vitamin B2, B12 and aberrant DNA methylation of P16 and P53 genes in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and esophageal precancerous lesions: a case–control study

CategoryControl (n = 200)EPL (n = 200)ESCC (n = 200)p valuea
Vitamin B2 (μg/l)2592.69 (2074.39–3019.57)2344.65 (1887.37–2648.32)b2165.86 (2010.11–2577.37)b< 0.001
Vitamin B12 (ng/l)499.07 (375.09–570.88)438.91 (365.82–605.93)433.07 (386.83–485.20)b0.002
  1. ap value of Kruskal–Wallis test among the three groups
  2. bCompared with control group, p < 0.001 (Mann–Whitney U test)