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Table 3 miRNA acts as oncomiR in breast cancer

From: MicroRNA regulation of cancer stem cells in the pathogenesis of breast cancer

miRNA Target Result on BCSCs
miR-155 CD44 Enhances BCSCs’ chemoresistance to doxorubicin
ABCG2 Promotes BCSCs’ formation
miR-181 BRCA1 Increases stemness, colony formation and phenotypes of BCSCs
miR-22 TET family Increases stemness and metastasis of BCSCs
miR-29a H4K20 Promotes metastasis and invasion of BCSCs
miR-9 and miR221 CD133 Enhances stemness, proportion and tumor sphere formation of BCSCs
miR-203 SOCS3 Promotes proliferation, growth and self-renewal of BCSCs