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  1. Senescence in the population of cells is often described as a program of restricted proliferative capacity, which is manifested by broad morphological and biochemical changes including a metabolic shift toward...

    Authors: Anna Litwiniec, Lidia Gackowska, Anna Helmin-Basa, Agnieszka Żuryń and Alina Grzanka
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2013 13:9
  2. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, non-coding RNAs (20–24 nucleotides) that post-transcriptionally modulate gene expression by negatively regulating the stability or translational efficiency of their target mRNAs. ...

    Authors: Jia Li, Xiangjie Kong, Junfeng Zhang, Qifeng Luo, Xiaoyu Li and Lin Fang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2013 13:7

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Cancer Cell International 2013 13:17

  3. To evaluate the impacts of the negative lymph nodes (NLNs) count on the prognostic prediction of the ratio of positive and removed lymph nodes (RPL) in cervical cancer patients after radical hysterectomy and p...

    Authors: Ying Chen, Lei Zhang, Jing Tian, Xiubao Ren and Quan Hao
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2013 13:6
  4. Metastatic brain tumours are a common end stage of breast cancer progression, with significant associated morbidity and high mortality. Walker 256 is a rat breast carcinoma cell line syngeneic to Wistar rats a...

    Authors: Kate M Lewis, Elizabeth Harford-Wright, Robert Vink and Mounir N Ghabriel
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2013 13:5
  5. TWIST1 plays a key role in EMT-mediated tumor invasion and metastasis. Since bone metastasis is a hallmark of advanced prostate cancer and is detected in at least 85% of patients who die of this disease, it is...

    Authors: Turid Eide, Håkon Ramberg, Carlotta Glackin, Donald Tindall and Kristin Austlid Taskén
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2013 13:4
  6. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) exhibits strong intrinsic and acquired drug resistance which is the main obstacle to chemotherapy. Overexpression of ATP binding cassette (ABC) proteins correlates with activatio...

    Authors: Shibo Lin, Katrin Hoffmann, Zhi Xiao, Nan Jin, Uwe Galli, Elvira Mohr, Markus W Büchler and Peter Schemmer
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2013 13:3
  7. Mirk/Dyrk1B contributes to G0 arrest by destabilization of cyclin D1 and stabilization of p27kip1 to maintain the viability of quiescent human cancer cells, and it could be negatively regulated by mitogenic-ac...

    Authors: Jingchun Gao, Yi Zhao, Yunyi Lv, Yamin Chen, Bing Wei, Jianxin Tian, Zhihai Yang, Fandou Kong, Jian Pang, Jiwei Liu and Hong Shi
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2013 13:2
  8. Cellular FLICE-Inhibitory Protein (long form, c-FLIPL) is a critical negative regulator of death receptor-mediated apoptosis. Overexpression of c-FLIPL has been reported in many cancer cell lines and is associate...

    Authors: Qilin Wang, Wendong Sun, Xuexi Hao, Tianliang Li, Ling Su and Xiangguo Liu
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:54
  9. Cyclooxygenase-2(COX-2) promotes carcinogenesis, tumor proliferation, angiogenesis, prevention of apoptosis, and immunosuppression. Meanwhile, COX-2 over-expression has been associated with tumor behavior and ...

    Authors: Zhi-Jun Dai, Xiao-Bin Ma, Hua-Feng Kang, Jie Gao, Wei-Li Min, Hai-Tao Guan, Yan Diao, Wang-Feng Lu and Xi-Jing Wang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:53
  10. In malignant melanoma, it has been published that up to 40% of cancer patients will suffer from brain metastasis. The prognosis for these patients is poor, with a life expectancy of 4 to 6 months. Calcium exch...

    Authors: Abraham Embi, Benjamin J Scherlag, Peter J Embi, Manuel Menes and Sunny S Po
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:51
  11. There is an overwhelmingly increasing trend of analysis of naturally occurring ingredients in treatment of prostate cancer. Substantial fraction of information has been added that highlights activity at variou...

    Authors: Ammad Ahmad Farooqi, Ghazala Butt and Zubia Razzaq
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:50
  12. Lycorine, a natural alkaloid extracted from Amaryllidaceae, has shown various pharmacological effects. Recent studies have focused on the potential antitumor activity of lycorine. In our previous study, we found ...

    Authors: Lv Li, Hong-Juan Dai, Mao Ye, Shu-Ling Wang, Xiao-Juan Xiao, Jie Zheng, Hui-Yong Chen, Yu-hao Luo and Jing Liu
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:49
  13. Zoledronic acid is used to treat bone metastases and has been shown to reduce skeletal-related events and exert antitumor activity. The present in vitro study investigates the mechanism of action of Zoledronic Ac...

    Authors: Toni Ibrahim, Laura Mercatali, Emanuele Sacanna, Anna Tesei, Silvia Carloni, Paola Ulivi, Chiara Liverani, Francesco Fabbri, Michele Zanoni, Wainer Zoli and Dino Amadori
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:48
  14. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the Arab world and it ranked first among Saudi females. Doxorubicin (DOX), an anthracycline antibiotic is one of the most effective anticancer agents used to treat br...

    Authors: Abdel-Moneim M Osman, Hadeel M Bayoumi, Sameer E Al-Harthi, Zoheir A Damanhouri and Mohamed F ElShal
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:47
  15. Given the high occurrence of prostate cancer worldwide and one of the major sources of the discovery of new lead molecules being medicinal plants, this research undertook to investigate the possible anti-cance...

    Authors: Henry I C Lowe, Charah T Watson, Simone Badal, Ngeh J Toyang and Joseph Bryant
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:46
  16. Inhibition of kinases involved in the DNA damage response sensitizes cells to genotoxic agents by abrogating checkpoint-induced cell cycle arrest. CHK1 and WEE1 act in a pathway upstream of CDK1 to inhibit cel...

    Authors: Amy D Guertin, Melissa M Martin, Brian Roberts, Melissa Hurd, Xianlu Qu, Nathan R Miselis, Yaping Liu, Jing Li, Igor Feldman, Yair Benita, Andrew Bloecher, Carlo Toniatti and Stuart D Shumway
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:45
  17. Autoimmune phenomena were identified in many different cases of hematological diseases and solid tumors, which may be due to alterations in the expression and function of the NF-κB signaling pathway. Recently,...

    Authors: Fan Zhang, Lijiang Yang and Yangqiu Li
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:44
  18. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women throughout the world. Therefore, established cell lines are widely used as in vitro experimental models in cancer research.

    Authors: Behnam Kamalidehghan, Massoud Houshmand, Fereydoun Kamalidehghan, Narges Jafarzadeh, Shahram Azari, Sharifah Noor Akmal and Rozita Rosli
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:43
  19. In order to characterize the expression pattern of SALL4, BMI-1 and ABCA3 genes in patients with myeloid leukemia and those who achieved complete remission (CR) after chemotherapy. Real-time PCR was used to deter...

    Authors: Qi Shen, Sichu Liu, Junyan Hu, Shaohua Chen, Lijian Yang, Bo Li, Xiuli Wu, Yu Ma, Jianchang Yang, Yupo Ma and Yangqiu Li
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:42
  20. The cancer stem cell (CSC) hypothesis posits that deregulated neural stem cells (NSCs) form the basis of brain tumors such as glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). GBM, however, usually forms in the cerebral white ma...

    Authors: Shengwen Calvin Li, Long T Vu, Hector W Ho, Hong Zhen Yin, Vic Keschrumrus, Qiang Lu, Jun Wang, Heying Zhang, Zhiwei Ma, Alexander Stover, John H Weiss, Philip H Schwartz and William G Loudon
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:41
  21. The Real-time PCR Array System is the ideal tool for analyzing the expression of a focused panel of genes. In this study, we will analyze the gene expression profile of pediatric acute myeloid leukemia with re...

    Authors: Tao Yan-Fang, Wu Dong, Pang Li, Zhao Wen-Li, Lu Jun, Wang Na, Wang Jian, Feng Xing, Li Yan-Hong, Ni Jian and Pan Jian
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:40
  22. To globally characterize the cancer stroma expression profile of muscle-invasive transitional cell carcinoma and to discuss the cancer biology as well as biomarker discovery from stroma. Laser capture micro di...

    Authors: Haitao Niu, Haiping Jiang, Bo Cheng, Xinhui Li, Qian Dong, Leping Shao, Shiguo Liu and Xinsheng Wang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:39
  23. Anticancer research resulted in the discovery of a promising antimitotic metabolite, 2-methoxyestradiol. 2-Methoxyestradiol-bis-sulphamate, a bis-sulphamoylated analogue exerts antiproliferative- and antimitot...

    Authors: Michelle H Visagie and Anna M Joubert
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:37
  24. Lycopene, a major carotenoid component of tomato, has a potential anticancer activity in many types of cancer. Epidemiological and clinical trials rarely provide evidence for mechanisms of the compound’s actio...

    Authors: Anderson Junger Teodoro, Felipe Leite Oliveira, Nathalia Balthazar Martins, Guilherme de Azevedo Maia, Renata Brum Martucci and Radovan Borojevic
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:36
  25. Cisplatin resistance is a serious problem in cancer treatment. To overcome it, alternative approaches including virotherapy are being pursued. One of the candidates for anticancer virotherapy is the Newcastle ...

    Authors: Mohd-Hafifi Jamal, Wei-Choong Ch’ng, Khatijah Yusoff and Norazizah Shafee
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:35
  26. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is a unique tumour of epithelial origin with a distinct geographical distribution, genetic predisposition and environmental as well as dietary influence as aetiological factors. ...

    Authors: Maelinda Daker, Munirah Ahmad and Alan SB Khoo
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:34
  27. Although the peptidyl-prolyl isomerase, cyclophilin-A (peptidyl-prolyl isomerase, PPIA), has been studied for decades in the context of its intracellular functions, its extracellular roles as a major contribut...

    Authors: Karim Bahmed, Curtis Henry, Michael Holliday, Jasmina Redzic, Madalina Ciobanu, Fengli Zhang, Colin Weekes, Robert Sclafani, James DeGregori and Elan Eisenmesser
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:19
  28. ZIP8 functions endogenously as a Zn+2/HCO3- symporter that can also bring cadmium (Cd+2) into the cell. It has also been proposed that ZIP8 participates in Cd-induced testicular necrosis and renal disease. In thi...

    Authors: Amornpan Ajjimaporn, Tom Botsford, Scott H Garrett, Mary Ann Sens, Xu Dong Zhou, Jane R Dunlevy, Donald A Sens and Seema Somji
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:16
  29. The purpose of this study was to investigate the expression of carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 5 (CEACAM5) and correlate it with OPN expression and function in squamous carcinoma of ton...

    Authors: Fan Zhang, Xu Jin Liu, Xun Qu, Zhen Sheng Hu, Yong Mei Yang, Ling Ma, Pei Liu, Ping Shi and Feng Cai Wei
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:33
  30. EPCs were isolated primarily in 1997 by Asahara et al. and recent studies indicated that bone-marrow-derived EPCs contributed little to the endothelium of tumor vessels. Tumors of the CNS system demonstrate va...

    Authors: She-Hong Zhang, Ping Xiang, He-Yong Wang, You-Yi Lu, Yan-Li Luo and Hao Jiang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:32
  31. Upregulation of nuclear factor kappa B (NFκB) activity and neuroendocrine differentiation are two mechanisms known to be involved in prostate cancer (PC) progression to castration resistance. We have observed ...

    Authors: Anna Patrikidou, Panagiotis J Vlachostergios, Ioannis A Voutsadakis, Eleana Hatzidaki, Rosalia-Maria Valeri, Chariklia Destouni, Effie Apostolou and Christos N Papandreou
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:31
  32. RNA interference (RNAi) is a powerful approach in functional genomics to selectively silence messenger mRNA (mRNA) expression and can be employed to rapidly develop potential novel drugs against a complex dise...

    Authors: Anthony Stanislaus, Athirah Bakhtiar, Diyana Salleh, Snigdha Tiash, Tahereh Fatemian, Sharif Hossain, Toshihiro Akaike and Ezharul Hoque Chowdhury
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:30
  33. While breast cancer (BC) is the major cause of death among women worldwide, there is no guarantee of better patient survival because many of these patients develop primarily metastases, despite efforts to dete...

    Authors: Vivian Labovsky, Valeria B Fernández Vallone, Leandro M Martinez, Julian Otaegui and Norma A Chasseing
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:29
  34. Kaiso protein has been identified as a new member of the POZ-ZF subfamily of transcription factors that are involved in development and cancer. There is consistent evidence of the role of Kaiso and its involve...

    Authors: Jaime Cofre, João R L Menezes, Luciana Pizzatti and Eliana Abdelhay
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:28
  35. Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is the 5th most common cancer worldwide. Locally advanced HNSCC are treated with either radiation or chemo-radiotherapy, but still associated with high mortality r...

    Authors: Nehad M Alajez, Joseph D Mocanu, Tiffany Krushel, John C Bell and Fei-Fei Liu
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:27
  36. We have investigated the role of erythroid transcription factors mRNA expression in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in the context of cytogenetic and other prognostic molecular markers, such as FMS-...

    Authors: Rosa Ayala, Joaquin Martínez-López and Florinda Gilsanz
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:25
  37. Cancer-initiating cells display aberrant functional and phenotypic characteristics of normal stem cells from which they evolved by accumulation of multiple cytogenetic and/or epigenetic alterations. Signal tra...

    Authors: Liviu Feller, Beverley Kramer and Johan Lemmer
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:24
  38. Our previous work found that mouse embryos could invade malignant cancer cells. In the process of implantation, embryo trophoblast cells express matrix metalloproteinases and the invasive ability of trophoblas...

    Authors: Xiaoyan Ding, Liaoqiong Fang, Hong Zhang, Hai Qiao and Zhi-biao Wang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:23
  39. The outcome of chemotherapy in breast cancer is strongly influenced by multidrug resistance (MDR). Several surrogate markers of chemoresistance have been identified including - CD24 (cluster differentiation 24...

    Authors: Neil D Jelly, Issam I Hussain, Jennifer Eremin, Oleg Eremin and Mohamed El-Sheemy
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:21

    The Retraction Note to this article has been published in Cancer Cell International 2013 13:96

  40. Mononuclear platinum anticancer agents hold a pivotal place in the treatment of many forms of cancers, however, there is a potential to improve response to evade resistance development and toxic side effects. ...

    Authors: Johan Kjellström, Stina M Oredsson and Johan Wennerberg
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:20
  41. Without doubt, natural products have been, and still are, the cornerstone of the health care armamentarium. Of all natural sources, the marine environment is clearly the last great frontier for pharmaceutical ...

    Authors: Afef Dellai, Monia Deghrigue, Audrey Laroche-Clary, Hedi Ben Masour, Nabil Chouchane, Jacques Robert and Abderrahman Bouraoui
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:18
  42. Paralemmin-1 is a phosphoprotein lipid-anchored to the cytoplasmic face of membranes where it functions in membrane dynamics, maintenance of cell shape, and process formation. Expression of paralemmin-1 and it...

    Authors: Casey M Turk, Katerina D Fagan-Solis, Kristin E Williams, Joseph M Gozgit, Sallie Smith-Schneider, Sharon A Marconi, Christopher N Otis, Giovanna M Crisi, Douglas L Anderton, Manfred W Kilimann and Kathleen F Arcaro
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:17
  43. This study progresses in the direction of identifying component(s) from the Mediterranean sponge, Spongia officinalis with anticonvulsant and analgesic activities. We investigated the efficacy of crude extract an...

    Authors: Afef Dellai, Hedi Ben Mansour, Audrey Clary-Laroche, Monia Deghrigue and Abderrahman Bouraoui
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:15
  44. Glioblastoma is the most aggressive form of brain tumors showing resistance to treatment with various chemotherapeutic agents. The most effective way to eradicate glioblastoma requires the concurrent inhibitio...

    Authors: Hiroko Tabunoki, Naoki Saito, Khanit Suwanborirux, Kornvika Charupant and Jun-ichi Satoh
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:14
  45. The Notch signaling pathway is crucial in T-cell development, Notch 1 mutations are frequently present in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL). To investigate the feature of Notch 1 mutation and its corres...

    Authors: Chunlan Lin, Haitao Zheng, Chunyan Wang, Lijian Yang, Shaohua Chen, Bo Li, Yubing Zhou, Huo Tan and Yangqiu Li
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2012 12:13

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